Although it is located in York and functions as a department of York County government, the Center for Traffic Safety is funded exclusively by federal highway safety grants/contracts administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and serves a region that also includes Adams, Lancaster and Lebanon Counties.

Originally created through a federal safety belt grant awarded to York County Coroner Kathryn Fourhman in March of 1986, the program was elevated to departmental status by York County Commissioners when additional grants were awarded to the county in September, 1987.


The Center and its various advisory bodies in the 4-county region have been nationally recognized for their work in traffic safety,

The National Association of Counties' Certificates of Achievement awards for the Center:

  • Motorcycle Safety/Awareness Program (1988)
  • Model DUI Program (1989)
  • Regional Community Traffic Safety Programming (1991)
  • York County's DUI /Speed Enforcement Program (1993)
  • Motorcycle Safety Foundation Award for having the nation's best community awareness program (1990)
  • An award from Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Pennsylvania for the many programs it has developed to address the driving under the influence problem (1993)
  • Gold Insurance Partnership Award from the Pennsylvania Association of Mutual Insurance Companies for its community program to reduce the toll of impaired driving (1995)