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York County CourthouseThe Divorce Hearing Officers are part of the Family Law Division of the Court of Common Pleas. Hearing Officers are appointed by the court to conduct hearings and make recommendations in divorce cases where the parties have been unable to resolve issues involving fault divorce, irretrievable breakdown of the marriage, distribution of property, alimony, or related economic claims. For a more detailed description of how the divorce officers system works, visit our FAQ page.

The Divorce Hearing Officers Office does not provide legal advice or represent individual parties in divorce actions. Those seeking advice or representation should contact the 'Attorney Connection,' also known as the Lawyer Referral Service of the York County Bar Association. Inquiries about the status of particular divorce actions and requests for copies of divorce decrees should be directed to the Prothonotary.

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Divorce Hearing Officers

Robert A. Kulling

Robert A. Kulling graduated from Widener University School of Law in 2010. He began his legal training in 2009 where he interned for the Widener Civil Law clinic, handling a variety of civil and family law matters. He joined the York County Divorce Hearing Officers in October 2015.

Claire L. Gargiulo

Claire L. Gargiulo graduated from Widener University in 2011, where she worked as a certified legal intern and later the Staff Attorney for the Environmental Law Clinic. After graduation, she worked in private practice, focusing mainly on Family Law and Collections, subsequently managing a Collections law practice. She joined the York County Divorce Hearing Officers in June 2017.

Mission Statement

To help people settle and resolve their cases, within the bounds of the law, in a fair, consistent, and efficient manner through mediation, arbitration and hearings.

General Information

Divorce and economic rules and forms are found in the 1920 series of the PA Rules of Civil Procedure and the York County Rules of Civil Procedure.

  1. York County Rules of Civil Procedure
  2. PA Rules of Civil Procedure
  3. Pennsylvania Statutes

The Divorce Hearing Officers handle only cases in which the parties have disputes over divorce, division of property, temporary and permanent alimony, and related economic claims. You must file a Motion to Appoint a Divorce Hearing Officer. Forms and Instructions are available on the Divorce Hearing Officers website under "Forms and Procedures." Fees are on the Prothonotary website.

If you want to check on the status of a divorce action filed in York County, or if you want to get a copy of a divorce decree entered in York County, contact:

York County Prothonotary Office

York County Judicial Center
45 North George Street
1st Floor
York, PA 17401

Phone: 717-771-9611