Information Technology Services

The York County Information Technology Services is an integral part of York County Government.


York County CourthouseYork County will be recognized as a leader in County Government as a model of excellence in the use of technology to enable business processes and practices that foster better government.


  • Provide collaborative solutions for all facets of County government in order to ensure their business objectives and goals are being met.
  • Consider all of the opportunities for consolidation, convergence, and connectivity offered by technology and sound business practices.
  • Satisfy departmental demands for technology services that will enhance the lives of the constituents and citizens of York County.
  • Implement high-quality and cost-effective Information Technology (IT) services that meet or exceed the needs of the County.


  • Solution Delivery. Enhance department interaction by providing solutions that will improve the quality and efficiency of services using technology, where appropriate.
  • Enterprise Architecture. Provide and support a stable, secure, flexible, high-availability and supportable standards-based technology infrastructure.
  • Governance. Provide enabling IT policies and procedures that encourage collaboration and guide County organizations in planning, deployment and maintenance of IT solutions.
  • Privacy and Security. Provide centralized technology security oversight and direction.
  • Information Technology Workforce Management. Implement strategies to recruit, retain and invest in a highly skilled technology workforce.
  • Continuous Improvement. Research emerging technologies for potential application and benefit to York County government.
  • Leadership and Collaboration. Provide leadership for effective strategic and tactical planning in the use of technology. Foster relationships with both County departments and technology organizations to achieve better results than could be achieved alone.


  • Project Administration
  • Software Applications
  • Networking Infrastructure (wired and wireless)
  • Government/Business Continuity
  • Office Automation
  • Document Management
  • Help Desk Services

About Us

Market StreetYork County has played an important and prominent role throughout the history of The United States of America. The town of York was laid out in 1741 and was officially declared York County in 1749. Many famous historical figures and events have graced York County. During the American Revolutionary War, York served as a temporary capital for the Continental Congress. In addition, the Articles of the Confederation were drafted and adopted in York.

The Information Technology Services Department is a well-recognized leader in county government information technology. In 1983 the purchase of the first Wang VS minicomputer was the County's initial step towards modernizing and providing computerized services to areas of the county that previously were not offered.

BridgeToday the County has moved to a distributed computing model using industry-standard open systems and applications as well as many industry-specific applications. This technology provides process automation in most areas of County Government. The Information Technology Services Department also works closely with various County departments to develop electronic interfaces for reporting and data sharing with federal, state and local governments.

York County continues to receive recognition for its accomplishments and has been deemed one of the nation's fastest-growing counties in the northeast. The County currently employs about 2,200 employees in approximately 50 departments.