Services Offered by York County Children and Youth Services

  • Intake Services Division
  • Family Preservation Services Division
  • Reunification and Permanency Services Division
  • Family Group Decision Making

Independent Living

The Reunification and Permanency Division works with families whom have been accepted for service and the child has been removed from the biological/legal guardians' home. The Independent Living Unit provides the young person, aging out of the system, with the tools needed to be successful. For youth over age 18, please click here to learn more about Medical Assistance coverage.

The Family Connections Unit makes all efforts to find and involve natural supports/connections for the families that have been accepted for services.

Intake Service Division

The purpose of the Intake Unit is to investigate referrals received from concerned citizens and mandated reporters who suspect either child abuse or neglect. A screening unit answers all calls related to referrals of child abuse/neglect and obtains the necessary information needed to identify the risk to the child. Cases that are accepted for assessment are assigned to an intake worker to complete the investigation. The Emergency Services Unit is a necessary and mandated service. On-call staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to respond to situations involving child abuse or neglect.

Family Preservation Division

The Family Preservation Division works with families whom are accepted for service while the children remain in the biological/legal guardians' home. This department works to preserve the family unit.

Family Group Decision Making

Family Engagement Unit


The Family Engagement Unit oversees different types of family meetings with the intent to involve families and natural supports in developing plans that will address the safety, well-being, and permanency of their family members.


  • To ensure that the families in York County have a voice and choice in their planning
  • To eliminate barriers in obtaining a meaningful plan and appropriate services in a timely manner
  • To provide a neutral service that empowers families to invest in positive outcomes
  • To encourage teaming and partnerships among families, natural supports, schools, community organizations, government agencies, and service providers
  • To foster respect and acceptance of every culture among families, natural supports, schools, community organizations, government agencies, and service providers
  • To encourage out of the box thinking and creative solutions for challenges that affect York County families
  • To identify strengths and realistic expectations so that everyone involved is effective and successful

Family Meetings

  • Family Engagement Unit is a voluntary practice that empowers the family to be the decision-makers so they will create and invest in a plan towards positive change. FEU is family-driven with comprehensive preparation (2 to 4 weeks) prior to the conference so that the family is able to participate in "private family time" to discuss the information shared and create a plan that will work for them without professionals input on how to develop that plan. FEU is the least restrictive family meeting and should be considered if the family is capable of coming together safely and effectively.
  • Family Team Meetings create a team of family members, natural supports, community partners/agencies, and service providers to develop an immediate action plan with the primary goal of collaborative and effective decision making. FTM is a strength-based, solution-focused meeting with straight talk about concerns. Critical questions are asked and answered by all team members so that a consensus can be achieved regarding the safety, well-being, and permanency of the family members.