Children Services

Behavioral Health Services

Psychiatric Outpatient - These are clinic-based services provided by a therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist. Services can be delivered individually or in a group.

Targeted Case Management (Intensive Case Management and Resource Coordination) - This service provides a mental health case manager that completes an assessment and develops a plan to help the child and family access services, obtain benefits and develop natural supports.

Behavioral Health Rehabilitation for Children and Adolescents (BHRS) - There are several kinds of BHRS with the most frequently known ones being, Mobile Therapy (MT), Behavioral Specialist Consultant (BSC), and Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS). These are community-based services whose goal is to help families and other people important to the child learn the skills to work with the child more effectively. (Formerly wrap-around services).

Family-Based Mental Health Services - These are team-delivered services that focus on the needs of the child and family. The team's focus is on delivering family and individual therapy, as well as assisting the family with basic needs.

Partial Hospitalization - These are intensive clinical services that provide group, individual, and family counseling, and psychiatric services. Individuals would receive several hours of clinical work on any given day. The length of treatment could be several days, to several months.

Residential Treatment Facility - This is a service for people under 21 years old. In this service, the member lives at the facility while the treatment is being received. This service provides intensive individual, family, and group therapy with the goal for the child to move back with the family or to step down to other community-based services.

Crisis Intervention Services - These services members can use any time of the day or night to help them in a crisis. These services keep the member safe and treat the problem until the problem has passed.

Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital - This is overnight care in a hospital. This service is used if your problem cannot be treated outside the hospital to provide stabilization.

Evidence-Based Mental Health Services

Multisystemic Therapy (MST) - An evidenced-based intensive family and community-based treatment program for youth with emotional and behavioral disturbances and often targeted to juvenile offenders.

Functional Family Therapy (FFT) - Provides in-home services that include a family therapist and family advocate.

Mobile Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services for Youth and Young Adult

Parent-Child Interactive Therapy (PCIT) - PCIT is an evidence-based therapy that is structured into 12-20 weekly sessions that focus on Child-Directed Interaction and Parent-Directed Interaction. This process works with the parents of children ages 2.5 to 7 years who exhibit challenging behaviors.

Peer Support for Youth and Young Adult

Drug and Alcohol Services

Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Services - These are clinic-based services provided by a therapist or Doctor.

Non-Hospital Drug and Alcohol Residential and Rehabilitation - These services help the member stop using drugs and alcohol. These services are not done in a hospital but are provided in a community-based site that requires the person to stay at the facility.