Housing Program

The HealthChoices Housing Program can provide eligible individuals, who are living with a serious and persistent mental illness, the opportunity to live in an affordable permanent supportive housing unit within York/Adams Counties. A monthly rental subsidy makes the housing affordable, with the tenant's share being 30% of their monthly income. In addition to financial assistance, the program includes support staff that will provide a variety of ongoing housing support services to help the individual transition into their new residence and maintain stability within the community.

The HealthChoices Housing Program offers a safe and affordable housing option for individuals diagnosed with a serious mental illness who often have complex needs, but have the desire and ability to reside in independent housing that is linked to flexible support services.

What eligibility requirements must be met in order to be considered for The HealthChoices Housing Program?

  • Must be a current resident of York or Adams County for at least the last six months; and
  • Must be enrolled in Medical Assistance; and
  • Must have an eligible current documented serious and persistent mental illness, as identified in The HealthChoices Housing Plan; and
  • Current recipient of SSI/SSDI of a limited amount. Individuals receiving only employment income may be eligible after a review of all other eligibility criteria.

An individual must also meet at least one of the following target population requirements:

  • Adults with a serious mental illness with current placement in one of the following higher level of care facilities: Extended Acute Care (EAC), State Hospitals, Community Residential Rehabilitation (CRR) Group Homes, or Community Hospitalization Integration Projects Program (CHIPP) Apartments
  • Young Adults with a serious mental illness who are 18 through 29 years of age and currently involved with behavioral health services
  • Adults with a serious mental illness who are currently involved with the criminal justice system and a history of involvement with behavioral health services
  • In Adams County only, adults with serious mental illness also have custody of children.

An individual must also participate in an interview in which the HCMU will assess if the Member:

  • Is likely to uphold his or her responsibilities under a lease including the ability to pay rent timely, maintenance of the apartment, etc, and
  • Has basic independent living skills

HealthChoices Housing Program is not meant to serve as an emergency housing or homeless assistance program. The individual must meet the eligibility requirements listed above in order to be considered for the program, regardless of homeless status. Review of application information, conducting an interview assessment, and receiving requested additional information, if needed for making a determination on approval, typically takes three-four weeks to complete.

Interested individuals may contact Amy Hampson, Housing Specialist at the HealthChoices Office to find out more about the program's requirements and the application process.