Criminal Justice Advisory Board


The mission of the York County Criminal Justice Advisory Board (CJAB) is to provide an ongoing forum for communications and collaboration among key decision-makers for the purposes of planning and integrating information, and recommending action to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the criminal justice system in York County.

A Message From CJAB Chair and Director of York County Probation Services April Billet-Barclay

The role of the Criminal Justice Advisory Board is to make policy recommendations and set priorities for York County's juvenile and criminal justice system.

The CJAB strives to make innovative and collaborative improvements to our criminal justice system with the end goal of increasing public safety. Some of the concepts addressed by the CJAB include pre-trial services, bail practices, continued support of our wellness courts and better-supported services for reentrants.

The shared effort that each member organization puts forth allows time-saving efforts that move inventive programs forward that will benefit the residents of York County. We have accomplished a great deal and will continue this work while we plan for future partnerships and invite alliances and innovation into our work.