Firearm Licensing

Welcome to the York County Sheriff's Office's Licensing Division.

Reminder on Firearms Responsibility

From Sheriff Rich Keuerleber

As an applicant for a license to carry a firearm, it is my duty to remind you that carrying a firearm requires tremendous care and responsibility. It is my position that irresponsible behavior, criminal or otherwise, will result in the permanent revocation of your license. Also, I am asking every firearms license holder to exercise good firearms care and safety as it relates to carrying and storage of firearms.

Please consider the following as it relates to your firearms license:

  1. Be familiar with the operation, safe handling, and laws related to your firearm. Although it is not the law, it is recommended that you take a firearms safety course offered by a competent instructor. Otherwise the firearm may represent a threat to yourself, your family, and your fellow citizens.
  2. Possessing a firearm presents an additional risk of it getting into the wrong hands. Practice safe storage and seek quality firearms training.
  3. Your firearms license is for Pennsylvania only. There are states that accept Pennsylvania Licenses. Information on reciprocity can be obtained from the PA Attorney General's Office.
  4. Do not carry your firearm when consuming alcoholic beverages or taking prescription medications that may affect your abilities and/or judgment.
  5. A firearms license does not confer any law enforcement powers or authority. Acting in that manner will result in revocation of your license in addition to any criminal/civil penalties.
  6. Carrying a firearm does create the possibility of it being taken and used against you and your family. Seek quality training.
  7. Arrests for certain enumerated offenses or a Protection From Abuse Order is grounds for revocation of your permit. Your license will be revoked, whether the firearm was involved in the incident or not. State law requires that you notify us if you become ineligible to maintain your license to carry a firearm.
  8. If you are carrying a firearm and come into contact with a Law Enforcement Officer, follow all instructions you are given. Do not make any sudden moves and keep your hands visible.  

These are a few of the many considerations you should keep in mind. Please use common sense and basic handgun safety considerations at all times. Again, carrying a firearm requires responsibility.


Signature of Sheriff Rich Keuerleber