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York County System of Care (SOC) is a partnership among multiple systems that work with youth (i.e. the educational system; juvenile probation; mental health; human services; children, youth and families, etc.) to ensure that the youth and families that they serve are being served effectively and appropriately.


Every youth and family in York County will be able to access and navigate a unified network of effective services and supports that are built upon the SOC values and principles that strengthen family and community connections.


The youth, family and system leaders of York County work as equal and trusted partners to build on each other's strengths to provide comprehensive and effective care which will empower youth, families, and all youth-serving systems to be responsible and accountable for positive outcomes at home, in school, in the community, and throughout life.

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  • The System of Care (SOC) is a philosophy on how care should be delivered. The SOC values and principles help to guide system improvement in partnership with youth and families.
  • Access the System of Care (PDF) brochure for more information.