About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve, with respect, those individuals in our community with substance abuse problems; in order to enhance their quality of life and to provide them an opportunity to reach their fullest potential in York and Adams Counties, PA.


In order to combat the rising substance abuse problems of the 1960s and 1970s, the federal government enacted laws that enabled states to receive federal dollars by implementing statewide drug and alcohol programs. Pennsylvania responded by establishing a governor's council on drug and alcohol abuse, which was reorganized on July 1, 1981, and became part of the Pennsylvania Department of Health. The council was later renamed the "Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Programs" (BDAP). In July of 2012, BDAP was made a stand-alone cabinet-level office and is now the Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs or DDAP.

As a result of the above with the realization that the issues of drug and alcohol abuse are county and local community problems; the State authorized county commissioners to establish a Single County Authority (SCA). With that authorization, in 1973 the Commissioners of York and Adams Counties entered into a joinder agreement, creating the York/Adams Drug and Alcohol Program. The Program was designed to address the needs of the two counties by planning, implementing, and evaluating local drug and alcohol services.

In November of 2011, the SCA's name changed to the York/Adams Drug and Alcohol Commission or (YADAC), and its offices relocated to the York County Human Services Center at 100 West Market Street, Suite B04, York, PA 17401.

The Commission's operations and services are funded through resources provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs and by the Commissioners of York and Adams counties.

Our Approach

The Commission is governed by the joint board of commissioners of York and Adams Counties and advised by a planning council of 15 volunteer members of various community backgrounds that form the York/Adams MH/MR/D&A Advisory Board. There are 9 representatives from York County and 6 from Adams County.

The direction of the SCA comes from an ongoing assessment of community needs. Priorities are identified and plans are developed to provide the most effective methods to meet the problems of those affected by substance abuse. After these priorities and plans are established, the SCA funds local non-profit and for-profit agencies to supply the community with the services that are needed. These services are monitored and evaluated by SCA staff on an ongoing basis. Though the specific services differ, they generally fall within the initiatives of prevention, intervention, and treatment.

In addition, the program office employs a full-time staff charged with carrying out policy, maintaining liaisons with government and private community service agencies and organizations, and demonstrating fiscal responsibility for the implementation of the SCA service plan.

After these priorities and plans are established, the Commission office funds local agencies to supply the community with the services that are needed. These agencies are located throughout the Commonwealth and the State of Maryland. These services are monitored and evaluated on a continuing basis by the program office.

Preferential treatment is available to pregnant injection drug users and pregnant substance abusers; followed by injection drug users and all other substance-abusing populations.

Who We Serve

As the designated SCA for the York and Adams counties, YADAC is responsible for planning, administering, funding, and evaluating the local drug and alcohol prevention services and treatment-related services within the aforementioned joinder counties.

Our priority populations in order are Pregnant Injection Drug Users, Pregnant Substance Abusers, Injection Drug Users, and Others.

YADAC currently has contracts with 11 detox providers, 27 inpatient treatment providers, 16 halfway house treatment providers, 3 partial hospitalization treatment providers, 6 intensive outpatient providers, 8 outpatient providers, and 1 methadone maintenance treatment provider. While these providers are located throughout the state of Pennsylvania, many of the services are available locally

Treatment services include the case management core functions of screening and level of care assessment, as well as the licensed rehabilitative clinical methodology designed to assist individuals to develop strategic modes to effectively deal with their critical problem of drug and/or alcohol use, abuse, and/or dependence. Furthermore, select YADAC contracted treatment providers are qualified to provide specialty services to the following populations:

  • Pregnant females
  • Adolescents
  • Veterans
  • Co-occurring
  • Families with children