Accessing Treatment / Support

If you are in the midst of a life-threatening situation please dial 911 immediately. If you feel that you are in a crisis state, needing detoxification, please call the White Deer Run Regional Support Center at Phone Number: 866-769-6822. This number can be used 24/7 and is designed to expedite detox placement.

For individuals who are not in the need of detoxification, the first step to accessing treatment is obtaining a drug and alcohol assessment by calling Phone Number: 717-668-8035. Assessments are free of cost for anyone except for DUI offenders, who may be charged. For more information, please see the "How to Access Treatment" tab. Again, if you are in the midst of a life-threatening situation, please call 911 immediately. If you are in need of emergency detoxification, please call Phone Number: 866-769-6822.

YADAC has contracts with 11 detox providers, 27 inpatient treatment providers, 16 halfway house treatment providers, 3 partial hospitalization treatment providers, 6 intensive outpatient providers, 8 outpatient providers, and 1 methadone maintenance treatment provider. While these providers are located throughout the state of Pennsylvania, many of the services are available locally.

Treatment Services

Treatment services include the case management core functions of screening and level of care assessment, as well as the licensed rehabilitative clinical methodology designed to assist individuals to develop strategic modes to effectively deal with their critical problem of drug and/or alcohol use, abuse, and/or dependence. Furthermore, select YADAC contracted treatment providers are qualified to provide specialty services to the following populations:

  • Adolescents
  • Pregnant Females
  • Veterans
  • Co-occurring
  • Females with Children
  • Individuals at high risk of overdosing

During the treatment episode, the YADAC contracted treatment providers are also responsible for performing the case management core function of case coordination. Case coordination is the treatment-related service activity that involves linking/coordination of support services that will assist the client in meeting other deficiencies inherent in their life, and ultimately aid them in securing recovery and a self-sufficient lifestyle. Linking/coordinating a client to the available support services for the identified non-clinical, treatment-related needs at the provider level and as part of the treatment, episode increases the probability that a recovery-oriented, self-sufficient lifestyle may be initiated during the treatment episode. Therefore, YADAC has contracted with the licensed treatment providers in the York and Adams counties to provide the case coordination of recovery support services in tandem with the licensed clinical methodology in all levels of care.

For information on attending a support group meeting, please see the Support Group page.

Detoxification / Crisis Intervention

If you feel that you are in the midst of a life-threatening situation please dial 911 immediately.

Emergency Withdrawal Management/Detoxification
White Deer Run Call Center
Phone Number: 1-866-769-6822

Wellspan York Hospital Crisis Intervention
1001 S George Street
York, PA, 17403
Phone Number: 1-717-851-5320 or 800-674-3496

Can go to Memorial Hospital (York County)

Can go to Gettysburg Hospital (Adams County)

Accessing Services (Non-Emergency)

Please note that accessing treatment begins with a level of care assessment. Residents of York County can get an assessment at the WDR-YAC by calling Phone Number: 717-668-8035 and residents of Adams County can get an assessment by contacting one of our contracted outpatient treatment providers. With the exception of DUI offenders, a level of care assessment is free of cost. This assessment is the first step in accessing treatment and will determine the appropriate level of care.