Tax Sale Information

Basic Information Regarding Tax Sales

Our first sale is known as the Upset Sale. (Generally held in September.) We set the starting bid price that is determined by the total amount of delinquent taxes, any current taxes as reported, municipal liens, and our costs. It is held like any other auction being struck down by the highest bidder. Any liens, judgments, mortgages etc. are attached to the property. So keep this in mind when bidding. We, The Tax Claim Bureau offer no warranty or guarantee whatsoever at any sale we conduct. The only reason the properties are being offered is that they are at least two years behind in their property tax. We have NO knowledge of the property or even the existence of such. We encourage you to have your attorney file a quiet title or quitclaim deed once the property has been transferred in your name.

Notice of Tax Upset Sale

Our next Upset Sale will be held online on September 19th, 2024.  Pre-registration dates for bidding will be  August 26th, 2024, through September 6th, 2024. This registration requires a photo I.D. such as a valid driver license or other method of identification acceptable to the Tax Claim Bureau.  There shall be no assignment of bids. Additional terms can be found at Upset Tax Sale Notice 2024.

Our second sale is the Judicial Sale and is also know the free and clear sale.  The purpose of this sale is to put the property back on the tax roles; therefore, it is our responsibility to notify any lien holders of the sale so they may intervene to protect their interest.  Again, we offer NO guarantee.  It is extremely important that you know what you are bidding on.  The Bureau reserves the right to set the starting bid price.

Notice of Judicial Sale

Our next Judicial Sale will be held on June 6th, 2024.   The sale will now be held online utilizing GovEase.  All prospective bidders must register with GovEase by completing the online registration process at  The registration period begins on May 13th, 2024 and ends May 24th, 2024.  No            in - person registration will be accepted at the York County Tax Claim office. Registration requires a photo I.D. such as valid driver license or other method of identification, acceptable to the Bureau.  Bidders will be required to upload their document(s) to the GovEase website.  No in-person registration at the Bureau's office will be accepted.  There shall be no assignment of bids. Additional terms can be found at Notice of Judicial Tax Sale 

If the property still does not sell it is put on our Repository List and can be bid on at any time. It is the decision of the authorities to accept or reject your bid. (Municipality and School district) We will notify you by mail within 30-45 days of the decision. Deeds are typed in our office; it may take up to six months to have them recorded.

Notice of Repository Sale

View the Notice of Repository Sale (PDF). the new list will be available from October 2023. Rules and regulations for the repository list are attached here.

It is strongly suggested that you consult with an attorney if you purchase properties at any of our sales. You are required to pre-register for both sales. You may contact our office for specific dates. A current photo I.D. is required when registering. Please read the terms and conditions for each sale prior to bidding.

We do our very best to insure the owners and all parties involved are notified but do not guarantee service. The Tax Claim Bureau is designed to collect taxes, and that is our Number 1 goal.

We only accept certified funds at the time the property is struck down. Money order, cashier's or certified checks. No cash will be accepted.

Please note that all sale lists are $50, upon availability paid with certified funds. You will be responsible for the postage if we are mailing the lists.

You may not bid if you have any delinquent taxes in York County.

Rachael White
Director Of Assessment and Tax Claim
York County Administrative Center
28 East Market Street
Room Number 110
York PA 17401-1577
Phone: 717-771-9205