Additional Programs

Additional Programs Under Early Intervention Include:

Local Interagency Coordinating Council (LICC) / Supporting, Teaching, Engaging Parents and Professionals (STEPPS)

  • STEPPS is the name of the Local Interagency Coordinating Council for York and Adams Counties.
  • They provide activities to educate, entertain, and connect you and your family with other Early Intervention families and professionals.
  • For more information, contact Casey Darling-Horan at 717-771-9618.

Rapid Response Teams (RRT)

  • They support children, teachers, and administrators at daycares and early learning centers.
  • Their goal is to prevent children from being suspended or expelled from these centers and to provide support to the centers' administrators and teachers.
  • For more information or to make a referral, contact Early Intervention at 717-771-9893.

Vision Screening Project

  • It is a collaboration between Early Intervention and Connections Early Intervention and Supports (EIAS)
  • They provide free vision screenings to children at daycares and early learning centers
  • It is available to all children at the daycare or early learning center regardless of whether or not they are enrolled in Early Intervention.
  • Directors or administrators of daycares or early learning centers can schedule vision screenings at their center by contacting Connections EIAS at 717-968-3053.