The Court rarely grants requests to be excused, except for the following reasons:  age 70 or older; nursing mother; caregiver for someone incapable of caring for themselves; or adverse medical conditions. Requests for excusal as a caregiver or for adverse medical conditions must include written confirmation from a physician that specifically states either that you cannot serve as a juror because you are the sole caregiver for another who cannot be left unattended, or because your own medical condition prohibits you from serving. A general “excuse this person from serving as a juror” statement from a physician is not sufficient. The Court will not grant requests to be excused due to employment conflict, vacation or travel plans, financial impact due to lost wages, or objections due to religious or political beliefs. However, the Court will grant a one-time request to have your jury service rescheduled to another week within the next six months. You may submit your request through the E-Response webpage. You are prohibited from bringing your cell phone into the judicial center. 

If you will be under the age of 18 or will not be a resident of York County as of the reporting date listed above, contact the Court at 717-771-9617.

Each end every excusal/deferral request is reviewed on an individual basis. Simply submitting a request for an excusal/deferral does not mean it will be granted.

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