Juror Dress Code

Jurors must wear suitable attire when serving.

Blue jeans are acceptable, but cannot be torn. All clothing should be neat in appearance without being provocative or gaudy. Skirts must reach and extend below the fingertip. No shorts are permitted.

All pants must be worn at the waist. No sagging or low-riding. Undershirts and tank tops, if worn, must be worn with another “cover-up“ or sweater must be worn. Spaghetti straps alone are not allowed.

Shoulders, backs, chests, and midriffs must be covered. No see-through type or suggestive clothing is to be worn.

If you report for jury duty wearing inappropriate clothing, you may be asked to return home, at your own expense, to change into more suitable attire.

The Court reserves the right to modify this policy as necessary and reserve the right to determine what might be disruptive and unsafe.

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