Vote by Mail

Voting by Mail is Safe, Secure, and Easy! 

Registered voters in Pennsylvania have the opportunity to vote by mail.  Voters have the option of voting by mail-in or absentee ballot.  

You may also visit the Pennsylvania Department of State website for more information on voting by mail.

Mail-in Ballot

Any qualified voter may apply for a mail-in ballot.  You may simply request this ballot without listing a reason.

Absentee Ballot

If you plan to be out of the municipality on Election Day or if you have a disability or illness that prevents you from going to your polling place on Election Day, you can request an absentee ballot.  It will require you to list a reason for applying for this type of ballot.

Identification Requirements for Mail Voting

In order to apply for a mail-in or absentee ballot, you must supply proof of identification.  Voters must use one of the following options (except for uniformed and overseas citizens and voters who qualify under the Voting Accessibility for the Elderly and Handicapped ACT).

  1. Option 1
  2. Option 2
  3. Option 3

Include one of these ID numbers on your absentee or mail-in ballot application:

  • Current and valid Pennsylvania driver's license
  • PennDOT photo ID card

Apply for Your Mail-In or Absentee Ballot Online

Voter Registration Online

Apply for Your Mail-in or Absentee Ballot by Mail

Voter Registration by Mail - Mailbox

Apply for your Mail-in or Absentee Ballot In-Person

Voter Registration at Office

Annual Mail Ballot List

Voters have the option to request to be added to the annual (formerly called "permanent") ballot request list.  When selecting this option, you will receive a reminder letter to apply for your vote-by-mail ballot in February of each year.  You must complete and return the enclosed application (or apply online).  Once your request is approved, you will automatically receive ballots for the remainder of the year.  You do not need to submit an application for each election that year.

Please see the Pennsylvania Department of State website for more information about becoming an annual mail voter.

Third Party Ballot Delivery for Mail Voting

If you have a disability that prevents you from applying in-person for your mail ballot or delivering your mail ballot, you may designate someone to deliver your ballot materials for you. You must designate the person in writing using this form.

Returning Your Voted Vote-by-Mail Ballot

Below are general steps on how to vote, prepare, and return your mail ballot.  Be sure to follow the instructions included with your ballot.  Please contact the Elections Office if you have any questions.

According to Pennsylvania Election Law, voters must return their own ballot.  The only exception is for voters with a disability who have designated someone using the third party authorization form listed above.

Step 1:

Ensure you have received the correct ballot and materials.  You should have:

  1. A ballot specific to your voting precinct (and political party in a primary election)
  2. An "Official Election Ballot" secrecy envelope
  3. A pre-addressed, bar-coded return envelope with your name, address, and voter ID number.
  4. Instructional insert

Read the instructions provided on the ballot and the instructional insert. Carefully mark your selections on your ballot with a blue or black pen. Fill in the ovals completely; do not use Xs or check marks. Be sure to complete the front and back of your ballot.


If completing a write-in, fill in the oval completely and clearly write your selection in the box to the right.Illustration-Hand-Mark-Bubbles-WriteIns

Step 2:

Seal your ballot in the "Official Election Ballot" secrecy envelope.  Do not make any marks on the secrecy envelope.  

Your ballot must be enclosed and sealed in the secrecy envelope in order for your ballot to be counted.


Step 3:

Seal the secrecy envelope in the pre-addressed, bar-coded outer return envelope.  Sign and date the voter's declaration on the back of the return envelope.

Your ballot must be signed, dated, and sealed in order for your ballot to be counted.


Step 4:

Return your voted ballot to the York County Elections Office.  The office must receive your voted ballot by 8:00 PM Election Day in order for your ballot to be counted.

Vote by mail ballots cannot be returned to the polling places on Election Day.  Vote by mail ballots must either be returned to the office by mail or by hand-delivery.


  1. Return Your Ballot by Mail
  2. Return Your Ballot in-Person

Ballots can be returned by mail to the York County Elections & Voter Registration Office. The office must receive your voted ballot by 8:00 PM Election Day.  Postmarks do not count!  Please plan accordingly. Envelopes are pre-addressed, but our address is included below. 

Mailing address is:Illustration-VoteByMail

York County Elections & Voter Registration

2401 Pleasant Valley Road

Suite 219

York, PA 17402

Track Your Vote by Mail Ballot

Your vote by mail ballot status can be tracked online through PA Voter Services.

Vote by Mail Ballot Tracker

Track my Ballot Online