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Run for Office in York County

Candidates can find information on how to run for office on this page, on the main Election Information page, and under the Campaign Finance page.

More information about running for office for the municipal elections in 2023 will be posted in early-2023, including petition packets.


Important Information:

2022 Pennsylvania Elections Important Dates to Remember (subject to change without notice).

PA Local Government Document Library

Elective Office in Local Government (PDF)

Citizen's Guide to Pennsylvania Local Government (PDF)

You can also visit our Election Information page to see when offices are up for election.

How to Run for Office

Step 1:  State your Intention to Run for Office

Please use the following Candidate Interest Form to notify the Elections Office of your intention to run for public office.  This form may be completed at any time before the petition packet is submitted to the York County Elections & Voter Registration Office.  Please note, this form is for tracking purposes ONLY.

All required documentation must be submitted to the Elections Office in order to become a candidate. If you provide your email address in the form, the required documents will be emailed to you (when the petition packet is finalized in early 2023). The required documents can also be picked up at our office or downloaded below (see Required Documentation below).      

Step 2:  Obtain the Required Number of Signatures

Candidates must obtain the minimum required number of signatures using the correct documents (listed below) under the specified timeline (nomination petition period usually runs from late-February to early-March). Local candidates will submit their documentation to the York County Elections & Voter Registration Office in order to get their name on the ballot for a primary election.

Required Documentation

2022 Nomination Petition Documents:
These documents are for Democratic and Republican candidates to get their name on the ballot in a primary election.  Completed documents for local candidates must be submitted to the York County Elections & Voter Registration Office by the deadline (nomination petition period usually runs from late-February to early-March). 

2022 Nomination Paper Documents:
These documents are for political body, third party, independent, and non-affiliated candidates to get their name on the ballot in a general election.  Please refer to the PA Department of State website for all of the required documents (nomination paper period usually runs from early-March through early-August).

Step 3:  Submit the Required Documentation

Candidates running for local offices must submit their completed documents to the York County Elections and Voter Registration Office by the deadline.  Documents must be completed in their entirety within the specified timeframe or they will be rejected.  

Some offices also require filing fees.  

Candidates running for state or federal offices must submit their original, completed documents to the PA Department of State by the deadline.  

Documentation Checklist: 

  1. Nomination Petition 
    • Ensure the petition has at least the minimum required number of signatures from registered voters of the correct party and municipality.
    • Statement of Circulator must be signed and dated by the person who circulated the petition.  This will be signed AFTER signatures are obtained.
  2. Candidate's Affidavit
    • Affidavit must be notarized or the Unsworn Declaration in Lieu of the Candidate's Affidavit may be signed.
  3. Waiver of Expense Account Reporting Affidavit (optional)
    • Candidates may submit this waiver if they do not plan on making expenditures or receiving contributions in excess of $250 in a reporting period and if they are not establishing a committee.
    • If candidates do not complete this waiver, they will have to submit Campaign Finance reports every reporting period no matter the amount of expenditures or contributions, even if that amount is $0.
  4. Statement of Financial Interest
    • File the original document with the candidate's municipality or school district.
    • File the copy with the petition packet to the Elections Office.
    • If the candidate completes this document online, please print out a copy to include with the petition packet and submit a copy to the municipality/school district.
  5. Filing fees (if applicable)
  6. Tax Collectors only:  In addition to the required paperwork, all first-time candidates seeking the office of tax collector must also file a PA criminal background check.  

Step 4:  Adhere to any Campaign Finance Reporting Requirements

Candidates must submit a Waiver of Expense Account Reporting with their petition packet or Campaign Finance Reports every reporting period, depending on their amount of expenditures or contributions and if they have established a committee.  Please see our Campaign Finance page for more information. (Campaign Finance reporting is not required for party committee people, Judges of Election, or Inspectors of Election.)

Signature Requirements and Filing Fees

Offices Number of Signatures Filing Fee*
Countywide 250 $100.00
Magisterial District Judge
(may cross file)
100 per party $50.00 per party
York Citywide 100 $25.00
Townships 10 None
Boroughs 10 None
School Directors (may cross file) 10 per party None
Constables 10 $10.00
Judges of Election 10 None
Inspectors of Election 5 None

*Filing fees may be paid by cash, money order, or certified check payable to the County of York,  Personal checks will not be accepted.