How is farmland preservation in pennsylvania funded?

Current funds for PA's Farmland Preservation Program come from the county, state, and federal sources. State Growing Greener Bonds, Environmental Stewardship Fund, and a 2 cent tax on every pack of cigarettes sold in Pennsylvania are some of the state sources. These funds provide the State portion of the funding to every county participating in the farmland preservation program. York County funds agricultural land preservation with the passage of a December 2019 Resolution formalizing the York County Open Space and Land Preservation Committee and the dedicated 0.1 mill in the County Budget to preserve ag and open space. Additional county funds include interest on Clean and Green violation penalties collected. Federal funds are also allocated for farmland preservation since the passage of the 1996 Federal Farm Bill, through the Federal Farm and Ranchlands Protection Program (FRPP).

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9. How is farmland preservation in pennsylvania funded?
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