Who can I talk to if my child is charged with a crime?

If your child (under age 18) is charged with a misdemeanor or felony offense, and is not currently represented by the Conflict Office you must first contact Juvenile Probation or the Public Defender's Office. The Conflict Office and the Public Defender's Office do not represent children charged with truancy, or curfew violations, summary offenses or traffic offenses.

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1. Where is the Conflict Office located?
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4. Can my family members call and ask questions for me and discuss my case?
5. Why doesn’t my attorney return phone calls?
6. Do you have the number to Adult Probation/Domestic Relations/Clerks Office/Costs and Fines/District Attorney?
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8. Does the Conflict Office handle Custody/Visitation Rights/Landlord Issues/Employment problems?
9. What is the contact information for York County Juvenile Probation, York County Youth Development Center, York County Children, Youth and Families, and York County MH-IDD?
10. Who can I talk to if my child is charged with a crime?