How should I dress in court?
  1. Dress in a fashion consistent with the respect that a lawyer expects the public to have for the profession. Hang overcoats or other wearing apparel on coat racks designed for such wear. Do not present an issue to the court while wearing your overcoat. If in the courthouse on business not requiring a court appearance, remember that the courthouse is the center of the judicial process and dress accordingly. The same formality of dress that is appropriate for the courtroom is expected for an appearance before a judge at the judge's office or in the judge's chambers. Soda, coffee and other food items may not be brought into the courtroom by anyone.
  2. Advise clients and witnesses of the appropriate dress and the conduct that is expected of them when appearing in court. Educate the client and witnesses as to the procedure and decorum that is expected while they are part of the judicial process. Chewing gum, soda, coffee and other food items are not permitted to be brought into the courtroom. Do not wear shorts, tank tops, tube tops, halter tops, clothing that exposes your bare navel, or T-shirts with pictures or words on them. They are NOT appropriate in any Court proceeding.

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